Film and Media

Makeup & Hair

  • Feature Film- 'The Lisa & Liza movie' Directed by Liat Benezra and Shianne Yang

  • Feature Film- 'Introducing Jodea' Directed by JD Cohen

  • Thesis Film- 'Eureka' Directed by Lixing Chu

  • Thesis Film- 'Eyelet' Directed by Dhiraaj Rajbanshi

  • Short Film- 'The Basement' Directed by Manny Duran

  • Short Film- 'CATA' Directed by Carlo Tonda

  • Short Film- 'Never Have I Ever' Directed by Carlo Tonda

  • Short film- 'Mother's Day' Directed by Alejando S. Baquer

  • Short film- 'Danime' Directed by Mark Cheng

  • Short film- 'Rue the Night' Directed by Nirupam Dhakal

  • Short film- 'Laulao' Directed by Jessie Jing Guo

  • Short film- 'Milk and Honey' Directed by Akeyre McIntosh

  • Short film- 'Molding A Star' Directed by Julian Baltazar

  • Short film- 'Merrily' Directed by Robert McAtee

  • Short film- 'Runaway' Directed by Shreya Khandelwal

  • Short Film- 'Cosmo' Directed by Thomas Thomas

  • Short Film- ‘Landing’ Directed by Carrie Lazar 

  • Short Film- ‘Lunar New Year’ Directed by Laura Huang 

  • Web Series- 'SNUFT' Directed by Manny Duran

  • Web Series- 'Lyrics + Mumble' Directed by Erika Rodgers

  • Webcast-  'Ernest & Young' Directed by Cesar Sútil

  • Corporate Commercial- 'The CFP Story' Directed by Bishal Dutta


Music Videos

Makeup & Hair

  • "More Than You Know" by Røze

  • "Bonnie and Bonnie" by Aint Afraid

  • "Into You" by Rami

  • "Ontas" by Eric De Franco

  • "Freedom" by EMM

  • "HELELE" by Jemine

  • "Blink" by Kate Diaz